October 2, 2019

vmod: Napoleon's Last Battles

There are many reprints of this game since it first game out in 1976. My module is based on the first edition map, counters, and rules. It is a fork of a recent module by John Edwards, with many modifications, listed below.

Link to module.
Campaign setup file attached below.

Modifications from the Edwards module:

- increased contrast in map file.

- used smaller text on game-pieces (to prevent edge bleed-over).

- color-coded units to better show command structure

- added hex ID to mouse-over stack viewer.

- removed charts to save file size (as in all my modules, I figure that players have paper copies of these anyway, so not needed in the module).

- added two "loss-tracking" boards to track demoralization and reorganization eligibility.

- fixed OOB errors (using the roster printed in the rules).

- removed extraneous commands from units, such as cloning and piece rotation, which is not really needed in this game since facing is irrelevant.

- change game-piece palette to scrollable lists, added missing units (from folio listings), and ordered armies by command.

- removed existing pre-defined setups due to all the game-piece changes that were made.

- removed hidden palettes for folio game units.

- added OOC flag to units.

- removed unused content from the vmod archive.

- created new vsav file for on-map campaign setup.

September 11, 2019

Balkoski Reprints

Two Joseph Balkoski gems are on the horizon for reprinting: St-Lô and The Korean War.

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August 21, 2019

vmod: Celles

Based on Roger Miller's published output with Revolution Games (Celles, Gazala, and Washington's Crossing) one can see the influence of Joseph Balkoski (whom he acknowledges in the WC design notes).

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August 18, 2019

vmod: Ney vs Wellington

Ney vs. Wellington (SPI 1979) is Joseph Balkoski's streamlined version of Frank Davis' design for Wellington's Victory: Napoleonic miniatures rules applied to a hex and counter boardgame.

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August 16, 2019

5th Fleet PC

5th Fleet PC

Years ago I made a fan website for the computer version of 5th Fleet (Avalon Hill 1994).

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