Thursday, February 8 2018

vmod: Omaha Beachhead

This module uses my own custom-made map and game pieces.

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vmod: The Korean War

This is one Balkoski design that has stood the test of time (outside of his FLEET and GCACW series). 

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Sunday, January 21 2018

Great War at Sea Utilities

Utilities for creating your own ship rosters, and generating gunnery and torpedo damage quickly.

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Fredericksburg 1862

Poetry of Mark Morss (1947-2015)

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Balkoski Gems

Six stand-alone games, with similarities in their mechancs.

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Overview of all map sheets in the GCACW series.

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Bomber Command Raid Manager

A web app for handling RAF raids.

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Nightfighter Virtual Umpire

A web application that strives to fill in for a human umpire.

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vmod: Grant Takes Command

This GCACW project started as a fork of the GRANT TAKES COMMAND module version 1.0 downloaded from in January 2018.

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