Web Projects

Nightfighter Virtual Umpire
Bomber Command Raid Manager
Great War at Sea Utilities
Air War Flight Utility (left incomplete)
Title Bout Online Fight Simulator

VASSAL Modules

Geekmail me if interested in any of them even if there is no blog entry yet. Most of the following modules are near completion (just waiting for a blog write-up with screenshots).

Module Design Principles

1812 (SPI)
1918 (SPI)
Across Suez (SPI)
Against the Reich (WEG)
The American Revolution (SPI)
Art of Siege: Lille and Sevastopol (SPI)
Battlefleet Mars (SPI)
Blue & Gray (SPI)
Bull Run (AH)
'CA' (SPI)
Corsair Leader (DVG) print and play version
Flying Circus (SPI)
Grant Takes Command (MMP)
Grenadier (SPI)
Here Come the Rebels II (MMP)
Hero of Weehawken (VPG)
The Kaiser's Battle (SPI)
The Korean War (VG)
Lee Moves North (SPI)
Lee vs Grant (VG)
Leipzig (SPI)
Light Division (3W)
Omaha Beachhead (VG)
Operation Jubilee (DG)
Rifle & Saber (SPI)
Roads to Gettysburg II (MMP)
Spitfire (SPI)
St-Lô (WEG) planned
Stonewall Jackson's Way II (MMP)
Tokyo Express (VG)
Washington's Crossing (RG)
The Wilderness Campaign (SPI)