Download: leevgrant-rdm.vmod

> STRENGTH MARKERS have been removed and replaced with a dynamic property set manually by CTRL-V on each leader. Strength is visible in the Mouse-over Stack Viewer of each leader. Any strength value that includes a parenthesized number signifies disorganized.

> MAP has be upscaled 20 percent, a numbered hex grid added, and named map zones added for track markers.

> GAME PIECES have been enlarge from 41x41 to 54x54 pixels using a brighter scan of the counters. All leaders and supply depots are collected on the Display window (rather than the Game Piece Palette, which lists only generic markers).

> Removed the internet die roller buttons (non-functional).

> Removed the chart window (players will need the Charts and Tables card from the boxed game).

> Added a module splash picture from

> Union Supply Base garrisons have been removed and replaced with a Marker trait that displays a strength of 4 on Mouse-over.

> Added a Global Key Command button to the map menu for one-click removal of Fatigue from all leaders. (Recovering from disorganization must still be done individually for each leader using CTRL-V.)

> TIP: Set Mouse-over delay under File > Preferences (I suggest 250 ms for snappy display of hex contents and strength values).