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Since Balkoski is a favorite designer of mine, too, I've been interested in the Miller games. However, the VASSAL modules provided by the company have some issues, so I decided to make my own in order to explore the games without the distractions of inadequate vmods.

This module for Celles (pronounced "sell") is adapted from the one provided by the company, using the same map and unit images.

The map has been trimmed to display only the hex grid area. Tracks on the margins of the published map are not needed because each player has a separate window in the module for chit handling.

Each player's chit handling space has been changed from a standard Map Window to a Private Window.

There is one game-piece for each unit in game - unlike the printed game, which has two counters for many of the units, representing step loss. In the module, step loss and "used" status are expressed as a game-piece layer with either two or four levels.

Markers for Out of Supply, Isolated, and Disrupted have been removed and replaced with Game-Piece Layers.

The Player Chart has been removed from the module. It is assumed you own the game and will refer to the printed rules and tables.

Icons have been removed from the tool-bar so that all buttons are standard VASSAL buttons. The symbolic die roller has been replace with a normal one.

Counting of victory points is somewhat cumbersome as described in the rules. There is no device in the module for keeping track of VP's. I'd suggest simply keeping a written log of VP gains and losses as they occur (on paper, or in the Notes window).