Thursday, December 6 2018

vmod: Grenadier

Jim Dunnigan's take on Napoleonic company-level tactics (part of SPI's tactical series). Rock-paper-scissors writ large. Drawback: no explicit square formation for infantry.

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Sunday, December 2 2018

vmod: Stonewall Jackson's Way II

Continuing the "no markers" series of GCACW vassal modules.

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Thursday, October 4 2018

vmod: Across Suez

Across Suez is a great introductory wargame (a modern alternative to Napoleon at Waterloo) with enough depth and variety for experinced gamers.

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Saturday, September 22 2018

vmod: Blue & Gray

Minimalist module for use with SPI's introductory US Civil War battle games.

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Saturday, September 8 2018

vmod: Art of Siege

Lille and Sevastopol: Two games with similar mechanics from the Art of Siege quad.

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Monday, September 3 2018

vmod: Washington's Crossing

This module incorporates some house rules to facilitate play and exploit VASSAL capabilities.

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Friday, August 17 2018

vmod: Roads to Gettysburg II

Help File for Roads to Gettysburg II (no markers) module.

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Thursday, August 16 2018

vmod: Lee Moves North

A VASSAL module for this early SPI game using hidden movement and dummy counters.

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Friday, March 16 2018

vmod: CA

Published in 1973 - Jim Dunnigan's second naval consim design (the first was Jutland, for Avalon Hill).

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Thursday, February 8 2018

vmod: Lee vs Grant

This module attempts to improve on the old version 1.01 on by adding some playability features and upgraded graphics.

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vmod: Omaha Beachhead

This module uses my own custom-made map and game pieces.

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vmod: The Korean War

This is one Balkoski design that has stood the test of time (outside of his FLEET and GCACW series). 

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Sunday, January 21 2018

vmod: Grant Takes Command

This GCACW project started as a fork of the GRANT TAKES COMMAND module version 1.0 downloaded from in January 2018.

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