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CONSIM COMMENT (aka ConCom) covers board wargames (mainly hex-and-counter, operational), Vassal modules, and the occasional sports sim. The author is Robert Morss (rdmorss on BGG).

Articles are presented in three namespaces:

Vassal Modules
Since the majority of the articles on this site concern the Vassal modules I've made, you may want to start with Module Design Philosophy. Or dive right into the list of modules.
Observations on board wargaming and military history. Some game variants, too.
Web Projects
List of web-based gaming pages and apps I've written.

Map Images: Consim Comment modules borrow and adapt map images from pre-existing Vassal modules, Cyberboard gameboxes, and publisher websites (for which, much gratitude - without map images there can be no Vassal modules). Artist attribution is noted in individual articles.

Unit Counters: Modules on this site typically use the Vassal Game-Piece Image builder, because scans of physical units are almost always inadequate when rendered on screen.

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Motto: Dulce bellum inexpertis

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