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25 Oct 2021


Thoughts on Combat Value, Manpower Value, and Artillery Value in Great Campaigns of the ACW.

See also: House RulesSeasonal Movement Points.

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20 Oct 2021

HSN Scenario 4

Ongoing comments as I play through the GCACW tournament starting in October 2021. I'm in the PBEM division. All games are from Hood Strikes North: scenarios 4, 6, 2 and 7 (in play order).

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8 Nov 2020

LvG Campaign: Union Victory?

The burden of supply in Lee vs Grant is on the Union. Confederates will rarely experience supply problems because supply lines can be traced through Union leaders/ZOCs, and Confederate RR stations are supply sources even if burned.

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1 Nov 2020

Lee vs Grant Notes

Some rules discoveries and interpretations while playing the Campaign Game of Lee vs Grant (Victory Games 1988); things to discuss with your opponent before starting a game. 

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17 May 2020

RTG Campaign (Part 2)

Further considerations.

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