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11 Feb 2021

Hockey Blast

Line changes in Hockey Blast ( involve a lot of card handling. All forward, center, and defense positions are rotated every minute of the game. A vassal module makes handling line changes a snap.

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3 Oct 2020

Baseball variant rules

Tabletop baseball is the perfect sand-box for experimenting with rule changes. 2020 has brought the "three batter" rule to MLB pitching. Here are more variants to bring some new twists to the old game.

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29 Sep 2020

Tabletop Football Timing

The game clock is abstracted in tabletop football to avoid complex rules attempting to micro-manage timing down to the second as each half comes to a close.

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15 Aug 2020

Gridiron Graph

A graphical method for recording football play-by-play using a VASSAL module.

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18 Jul 2020

HMB Variant 66

Variant that I'm using with my History Maker Baseball replay of the 1970 Columbus Jets (International League). "66" means "six batters, six innings."

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