30 Dec 2021

Killer Angels

Killer Angels (1984 West End) is a detailed operational study of the Gettysburg campaign with unique mechanics for command, hidden movement, skirmish, and battle. It also factors in political constraints that mainly apply to the Union side.

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24 Nov 2021

Piercing the Reich

Piercing the Reich (Dirk Blennemann, 1995) is the original version of the recently released Crossing the Line. (In this article we will call them PTR and CTL.) The scenario is the Battle for Aachen, Sept-Oct 1944 - the initial crossing of the Westwall defenses by Allied forces.

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11 Nov 2021

Victory in the West

It started with an SPI subscriber feedback survey. The resulting game from SPI was Operation Typhoon (OT), and if you read just the first half of the designer's notes in OT you might think it turned out an unplayable mess.

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12 Sep 2021

Hood Strikes North

Here at Consim Comment, we're not particularly interested in the western theater of the USCW. So we quickly off-loaded BAC and AIO. But with HSN being billed as a simpler one-map campaign suitable for newbs, we are giving it a close look. This gives us something new in GCACW-land while waiting for the new version of On to Richmond!

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19 Aug 2021

Anzio (basic game)

After a muddled 1st edition in 1969, Anzio was rescued from oblivion and improved over the years by its dedicated fans, most notably Tom Oleson.

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