March 6, 2021

Battle for Italy: vmod

Battle for Italy is a game about the Austrian attempt to relieve the French siege of Mantua in November 1796 - and Napoleon's response to the two-pronged advance.

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March 4, 2021

Hero of Weehawken: vmod

First published in 2011, HoW is a gem of a solitaire game on an obscure topic in American history: the Aaron Burr conspiracy. There has been talk of a second edition for a couple of years now, and those who desire tabletop bling will most likely wait for the deluxe version (as with the updated Nemo's War). But here at Consim Comment, we still enjoy the funky desktop-publishy first edition.

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Carrier: vmod

Jon Southard's WWII Pacific games, Carrier and Tokyo Express, could be the best Pacific war solitaire consims ever.

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January 31, 2021

Hundred Days Battles: vmod

For those who want just a sample of how a particular game system works, a smaller scenario is fine. 

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January 6, 2021

To the Green Fields Beyond

TGBF covers the battle of Cambrai at the operational scale: 1,250 yards per hex (1.1 km), with 17 one-day turns for the full game. Shorter scenarios are provided, including a 3-day British attack scenario that is excellent for solitaire play. The designer, David Isby is also known for his game Soldiers (SPI 1972) covering tactical WWI combat in 1914 - before trench warfare became the norm.

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