59th (Staffordshire) Division
British army division in Normandy. My Dad was in the RASC component of 197 Brigade.

Devil's Den Sniper
One of the most well-known Gettysburg photos. Analyzes the images to argue that the sniper's nest was the original location of the body, and was moved after the famous photo was taken. This is contrary to the theory that the photo was staged with props after moving the body into the position.

GYGES Publishing
Nightfighter control methods info. How things worked in a Dunaja, Henaja, Wilde Sau, and Zahme Sau nightfighter interception.

Sickles Hole
Thoughts on the Gettysburg campaign and battle, making a case that Stuart was NOT late reporting to Lee on July 2, but the Union army was early (never had it marched so far and so fast than on the advance to Gettysburg). Even on July 3 Lee was not certain that the entire AoP was present on the field.

U-Boat Archive
British War Office documents as to their understanding of U-Boat numbers, training, tactics, and losses, based on interviews with captured German sailors.

Database of U-Boats, skippers, patrols, and merchant ships. The go-to source for data on the U-Boat war.


Free online graph paper. Hex grid generator for making your own maps.

Limey Yank Games
VASSAL and Cyberboard modules for inspiration. I am grateful for the module designers whose map scans I have adapted for the modules on this site.

Red Blob Games
Full explantion of hex grid math, which was essential in making the Nightfighter Virtual Umpire.

VASSAL Boardgame Engine
The essential Java app needed to run vmod files.

Game Publishers

Conflict Simulations LLC
New print-to-order game company as of 2018. Designs in the tradition of SPI and GDW. Available on wargamevault as PDF downloads starting April 2020.

Multiman Publishing
Keeping the GCACW series alive. For this may we be truly thankful.

Revolution Games
Recommended games: Washington's Crossing, Celles, Gazala. Support smaller publishers when they make games that you like.