This list of modules provides a good overview of my wargame interests. Not all listed games are linked to a blog entry, but there are modules for all, with varying degrees of completeness. Geekmail me if interested in any of them. Also contact me if you want to play any of the following games.

These are all works in progress - even the ones that are "done" are always subject to revision as I come back to them weeks or months later. This is why I don't publish modules to - I don't want to have to update two vmod file locations. Also, I did not see any method to delete a module (that I create) from


Avalanche Press(AVP)

  • Great War at Sea: Mediterranean (operational)

Avalon Hill (AH)

Book of Sandhurst Wargames (BSW)

Conflict Simulations LLC (CSL)

Decision Games (DG)

Multi-Man Publishing (MMP)

Plaay Games

Revolution Games (RG)

Simulations Publications Inc (SPI)

Tactical Studies Rules (TSR)

  • American Civil War, S&T 93

Victory Games (VG)

Victory Point Games (VPG)

West End Games (WEG)

World Wide Wargames (3W)