• Great War at Sea: Mediterranean (operational only)
Avalon Hill (AH)

Conflict Simulations LLC (CSL)

Decision Games (DG)

Multiman Publishing (MMP)

Plaay Games

Quarterdeck International (QDI)

  • St-Lô (reprint announced for 2020)

Revolution Games (RG)

Simulations Publications Inc (SPI)

Victory Games (VG)

Victory Point Games (VPG)

  • Hero of Weehawken
  • Nemo's War, 1st edition (planned)

West End Games (WEG)

World Wide Wargames (3W)


These are all works in progress - even the ones that are "done" are always subject to revision as I come back to them weeks or months later. This is why I don't publish modules to vassalengine.org.

Links to a listed module will appear as soon as a blog page is created for it, typically after reaching a minimum level of playability. In some cases, a module is actually done, but remains unlinked because the game on which it is based is currently in print.

My VASSAL modules provides a good overview of my wargame interests. Geekmail me if interested in any of them even if there is no blog entry yet. Also contact me if you want to play any of the above games. I'm usually up for a game, via email or live (with or w/o Skype).

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Title Publisher Designer
'CA' SPI Dunnigan
1812: Scorched Earth CSL Weiss
1950: The Forgotten War CSL Weiss
Across Suez SPI Herman
Against the Reich West End Balkoski
Air Cav West End Balkoski/Merridy
Art of Siege: Lille SPI Nosworthy/Werden
Art of Siege: Sevastopol SPI Mosca
Battle for Germany SPI Dunnigan
Battle of the Bulge: Celles Revolution Miller
Bull Run Avalon Hill Hamblin
Carrier Victory Southard
DAMOS: Army Group North CSL Weiss
Fighting Sail SPI Balkoski
Flying Circus SPI Dunnigan
Gazala: The Cauldron Revolution Miller
Grant Takes Command Multiman Balkoski
Great War at Sea: Mediterranean Avalanche Bennighof
Grenadier SPI Dunnigan
Here Come the Rebels II Multiman Balkoski
Hero of Weekawken VPG Leonhard
History Maker Baseball Plaay Avallone
Hockey Blast Plaay Avallone
The Kaiser's Battle SPI Balkoski
The Korean War Victory Balkoski
Lee Moves North SPI Young
Lee vs Grant Victory Balkoski
Leipzig SPI Dunnigan
Light Division 3W Balkoski/Bay
Napoleon's Last Battles SPI Zucker
Nemo's War (1st edition) VPG Taylor
Ney vs Wellington SPI Davis/Balkoski
Omaha Beachhead Victory Balkoski
Operation Grenade SPI Balkoski
Operation Jubilee Decision Butterfield
Patton's 3rd Army SPI Balkoski
Red White & Blue Racin' Plaay Avallone
Rifle & Saber SPI Young
Roads to Gettysburg II Multiman Balkoski
Second Season Football Plaay Avallone
Soldiers SPI Isby
Solomons Campaign SPI Dunnigan
Spitfire SPI Dunnigan
Stonewall Jackson's Way II Multiman Balkoski
Stonewall's Last Battle Avalon Hill Beach
Tokyo Express Victory Southard
Washington's Crossing Revolution Miller
Wilderness Campaign SPI Young