5th Fleet (PC) Support Site

Years ago I made a fan website for the computer version of 5th Fleet (Avalon Hill 1994).

59th (Staffordshire) Division in WWII

59 Div was the only duplicate division to serve outside England. It was the last British Army division selected for 2nd Army in Normandy. My father was in the RASC during WWII (197 Brigade).

Air War Flight Utility

[unfinished project] This game seemed like a natural for a web-app. Tons of aircraft data could be stored in config files and the turn sequence cycled screen-by-screen for ease of play. The flight model is not clearly defined in the rules (as I interpret them), and there was still a need to paste on specific maneuvers that the normal flight instructions could not accomplish.

Bomber Command Raid Manager

Once the bomber raids are plotted and started, there is not much for the RAF player to do. So this app has collection raid plots that it selects from randomly. It then moves the raids turn by turn, while you, as the Luftwaffe player, attempt to discover it and attack.

Carrier Virtual Flipbook

Online assistant for Victory Games solitaire game on the 1942 battles in the southwest Pacific. Helps with the complex turn sequence and keeps track of Japanese commitment levels.

Great War at Sea Utilities

Data sheet generator: Create data sheets of the exact ships you need for your scenario. Four different formats are possible: checkboxes, hash-marks, HTML form (on screen), or ship cards.

Gunnery and Torpedo results generator: Reduce the bucket of dice to a mouse-click.

Nightfighter Virtual Umpire

A web-based umpire for Nightfighter scenarios. Now you can play those campaigns without the need for a human overseer.

Title Bout Online Fight Simulator

This was done as an exercise in PHP scripting. Play through each round of a professional bout with one click.