The RAF player in GMT Bomber Command has little to do in the game once the raid plots have been created. His main function is to reveal the state of his raids in response to Luftwaffe air defense activities.

Link to Bomber Command Raid Manager.

The purpose of the Virtual Raid Manager website is to facilitate solo play of GMT Bomber Command by keeping track of RAF raid plots loaded from a randomly-selected text file.

You play the Luftwaffe, submitting intelligence queries to the VRM on a need-to-know basis, avoiding exact raid intel until required by game play. There is no AI. The web app just keeps track of where the raids are. It is up to you to "peel the onion" but only when circumstances permit.

Everything else – card play, nightfighter activity, main force bombing – takes place on the tabletop with map, counters, cards, charts, and dice.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download and print the VRM sequence of play.

It is critcally important to keep the Situation panel updated with the current state of play before submitting information requests.

You submit one Request at a time based on the sequence of play and your "need to know" (to properly resolve game play).

The Result panel re-states the Turn number and the name of the Request. Then it gives an answer based on the pre-loaded raid file and the current situation.