Link to Great War at Sea Utilities


Each GWAS scenario requires one or more Data Sheets to keep track of ship damage. But working with the data sheets published with each game is a pain, since you have to photocopy and collate pages to include the correct ships for your scenario. And there are always extraneous ships on your copies, unless you want to literally cut and paste the ones you need.

This Data Sheet Generator utility allows you to create custom ship listings and print them out in a number of formats. Get the exact ships you need in the format you prefer.


GWAS uses is a bucket-of-dice system for gunnery and torpedo resolution. Those of us with mixed feelings about this mechanic find the process annoying. 

The Gunnery Results Generator and Torpedo Results Generator resolves these procedures without all the wristage. Just enter your firing parameters and the number of dice. Then with one click of a button you get a report of all your die rolls (with hits highlighted) and a list of damage caused by your hits.