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This module provides the map and game pieces and a few reference charts. The components needed from the printed game are the rule book and the two charts and tables cards (US and German). The tracks display card is not needed as all parts of it have been incorporated into the module.

Other than cities, the map does not contain place names for villages and terrain features. There are a couple of reasons for this decision: (1) Labeling every village would create non-essential and distracting text clutter. (2) Map text is problematic in VASSAL since it is usually illegible unless zoomed in. Hex coordinates appear on mouseover hover even if a hex is empty. See the Gazetteer in the Charts menu to identify map locations by name.

All game pieces start on the main map or on the reinforcement maps, so the module does not include a game piece palette. Eliminated units are out of the game permanently.

Units on the Reinforcement Maps only have "send to" commands. Once on the Main Map, the normal controls will become available. For German Reinforcements, the module uses GRI (German Reinforcement Index) which starts at 0 and increases each reinforcement phase. Reinforcements in boxes numbered equal to or less than GRI can be sent to the Main Map.

Fatigue (FT), Disorganized (yellow border), and Demoralized (red border) status is shown as a game-piece layer.

Strength changes are shown as a game-piece layer, highlighted in pink.

Entrench and Strongpoint are separate markers that are place underneath the combat unit.

Extended Deployment is a separate marker placed underneath the unit.

The underlying position status can be cycled to show any needed combination of extended deployement and improvement.

Finally, if you have ever questioned whether all hexes on the map should be bocage country, take a look at this aerial view showing that bocage was a factor as soon as the invasion got off the beaches.