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LvG uses the same mechanics as the other games in GCACW that followed. The scale in LvG is zoomed out to 2 miles per hex and 5 days per game-turn. The units are mainly corps (with division breakdown possible). Movement, combat, cavalry retreat, and disorganization are the same. Fatigue is slimmed down but works the same. Artillery is not considered separately - it is factored into manpower - simplifying the combat procedure.

It seems, however, that some players have abandoned LvG since the publication of Grant Takes Command. But I remain a fan.

Acknowledgment: This module is a fork of version 1.01 on, adding some playability features and upgraded counter graphics.

> STRENGTH MARKERS have been removed and replaced with a dynamic property set manually with function keys:

F1 and F2 = Manpower up and down.
F3 and F4 = DISORG and ORG

Strength is visible in the Mouse-over Stack Viewer of each leader. Any strength value that includes a parenthesized number signifies disorganized.

> MAP has be upscaled 20 percent from the earlier module; a numbered hex grid added, and named map zones added for track markers.

> GAME PIECES have been enlarge from 41x41 to 54x54 pixels using a brighter scan of the counters.

> No Charts window (players will need their own copies of the printed rules and charts).

> Added a "Recovery" button to the main menu for one-click processing of the of the Recovery Phase in each Action Cycle.

> TIP: Set Mouse-over delay under File > Preferences to something less than the default value of 700 ms. I suggest 300 or 400 for snappier display of hex contents and strength values.