Download module (based on Victory Games first edition).
Scenario setup vsav downloads are listed at the end of this article.

Design Notes

This module provides mainly just the map and game pieces. Components that players must provide from the printed game are:

  • Rule Book
  • UN Charts and Tables
  • NK Charts and Tables
  • Game Turn Record

The UN Player Aid Card is not needed because everything on it is reproduced on the map, which also includes the Global Tension Tracks and Table, as well as the Reinforcement Track.

There are no player sides defined in the module: each player just moves his own pieces as in the physical game.


This module would not exist without the beautiful reproduction of the printed map created by Karoly Szigetvari (for his Cyberboard gamebox). It has been adapted for this module.


Game pieces have been created in VASSAL's Game Piece Image Definitions. Unit colors are as follows:

  • North Korea China (PRC) Soviet Union
  • South Korea United States United Nations China (Taiwan)

NATO symbols (instead of silhouettes) are used on assets and air units. Asset symbols display a white background to distinguish them from combat units.

Because historical designations are extraneous to game play, they are not included on the game pieces. Reinforcements must be selected by type (listed in the Game Piece Palatte), size (division, regiment, brigade, asset), and combat factors.

In each pre-defined setup, all required game pieces are either on the main map or the Reinforcements Track. The Game Piece Palette will be needed mainly for manipulation of Korean units, Chinese units, and game markers.

The module does not use RPL2 or RPL1 counters. Instead, a division-sized unit is comprised of six layers:

  • 3-step mobile, 3-step fatigued
  • 2-step mobile, 2-step fatigued
  • 1-step mobile, 1-step fatigued

The number of steps in a unit is indicated in the upper right corner of each piece.

Control/Alt keys on units include:

  • Ctrl-DOWN ARROW to degrade a unit. Do this once to fatigue a mobile unit; twice to reduce a unit to the next lower step level.
  • Ctrl-UP ARROW to upgrade a unit. Do this once to recover a unit from fatigued to mobile; twice to increase a unit to the next higher step level.
  • Ctrl-C to clone a unit.
  • Crtl-D to delete a unit from the game.
  • Alt-D to send a non-RK UN unit to the reconstitute box. The unit should be increased to full strength (mobile) upon arrival in the reconstitute box.

Recovery and Reset

There is a Multi-Action Button on the toolbar labeled "R & R" which triggers two Global Key Commands: Recover Fatigue and Reset Depot Commitment.