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The game mechanics are all Balkoski, in the same vein as St-Lo, Omaha Beachhead, and Against the Riech. Presumably technical input and expert guidance on the subject matter was by Mr. Bay.  The game could use updating to today's geography and military reality. The situation depicted in this game would make a good candidate for GMT's Next War series.

Due to the poor physical components, the module is completely scratch-built. The map is one of my early attempts at making a map in GIMP (it is all about layers!). Counters are adapted as VASSAL game-piece images, using the limited set of stock NATO symbols included in the program. Exception: the aircraft symbols are not standard in vassal.

How the module differs from the published game.

2.2 Playing Pieces. Created as vassal game-piece images, arranged as follows:

attack support

range (if artillery or helicopter), 
airmobile value
(if US HQ)


combat value
(variable if
white BG),
air superiority
(if aircraft)

anti-tank value movement factor
(motorized if
yellow BG)

4.2 Unit Designations: Formations are distinguished by color-coding of the NATO symbol background instead of a text label on the counter. On US units, a white symbol background indicates a "C" unit (corps level). 

4.4 Map: US objectives are shown as blue icons in hexes listed in rule 13.0. Villages are the red diamond-shaped icons.