Download the module.

This module is entirely scratch-built while remaining faithful to the somewhat primitive graphics of the original map and counters.

Player sides are defined to allow for Limited Intelligence (face-down units and dummy counters).

Game-piece combat units do not have a Delete option. When a unit is eliminated, move it to the perimeter of the playable hex area on the Main Map. The only pieces that can be Deleted or Cloned are Entrenchments and Control markers found in the Pieces palatte.

The May 1864 scenario set-up is the default. Contact me if you'd like a June scenario vsav file.

The Unit Substitution rule says that units can be built up to a maximum strength of 15 (Union) and 6 (Confederates). But the Turn Record card says that Reinforcements can't increase a unit beyond its original strength.

Players will have to decide how to resolve this. A good option is to allow over-strength build-up as described in the rules, but not for Richmond-Petersburg garrsion units or forts.

The module provides over-strength game-pieces under the Turn Record Track, designated as OS#. Replace a named game-piece with an OS game-piece and record (in the Notes window) its identity.

  • Union: 3 corps, maximum strength 15
  • Confederate: 4 divisions, maximum strength 6

The rules state that the Union can have four 15-strength units, but that number includes the Union II Corps, which already has a maximum of 15.

The extra CSA Dummy counters under the Turn Record are used in what-if Scenario 1.3