Comparison Chart

Scale Flying Circus (FC) Spitfire (SF)
Turn 10 seconds 3.3 seconds
Hex 60 meters 46 meters
Altitude Levels 1000 feet (304.8 m) 180 feet (55 m)
Speed Increments 20 KPH 50 KPH
Climb Progress one climb step per
movement phase
one climb step per
movement point

The table above reveals design decisions taken to portray the improvement in flight performance.

The turn scale in SF has been reduced to a third that of FC. This accommodates the tripled speed in SF. Without the change, WWII planes would fly off the 22 x 34 inch map in a couple of turns.

Hex scale is on the same order of magnitude, possibly tweaked down to give each aircraft enough MP each turn to pay maneuvering costs.

Altitude levels are drastically reduced to fit the change of climb progress from phases to movement points, thus accounting for the far better climb rates of the WWII planes.

When we get to Foxbat and Phantom we will see another change of scale in the opposite direction.

The Module

Download Spitfire vmod file.

There are eight aircraft markers that player's "fly" on the map:

  • A through D for Allied, E through H for German

CTRL-T places a Target Acquired marker on a firing aircraft, which is then moved adjacent to the target aircraft to mark the line of fire.

ALT-T places a Trial Run marker on a moving aircraft, which may then be used to plot movement.

CTRL-Right arrow and CTRL-Left arrow = Turn CCW and CW

CTRL-Up arrow and CTRL-Down arrow = Up or down one altitude level.

Stat Cards

There are fifteen aircraft stat cards that replace the printed game's aircraft charts. The stat cards use dynamic properties to keep track of altitude, speed, climb progress, and damage. The time scale of the game is such that ammo does not need tracking (unlike FC).

CTRL-P = select the map marker that represents this plane. Each scenario can have as many as four aircraft on one side.

Altitude, Climb Progress, Speed, and Damage have VASSAL Action Buttons to change their values. This cuts down on the list of commands in the right-click menu.

Note that the Maximum Speed rating on the stat card drops as damage occurs. Also note that Vertical Dive maximum automatically adjust to speed changes.

In the lower right corner of each stat card, click on "CRT" to display an overlay marker of the aircraft's combat table.

Player sides have not been defined. Each player moves only his own pieces as in the board game.