SPI published just four tactical aerial combat games: three by James Dunnigan - Flying Circus, Spitfire, Foxbat and Phantom - and David Isby's Air War.

Earlier this year (2018) I purchased a copy of the 1983 TSR reprint of Air War, which includes the update kit and rules clarifications.

Air War is a cardboard flight simulator, incorporating a large amount of tabular data into its aircraft performance charts. Its rules complexity lies in explaining how to translate the tabular performance data to the movement of an aircraft counter on the hex grid.

Air War seems like the perfect candidate for a supporting web application to do all the table lookups and expedite the sequence of play.

Here is an alpha version of my Air War web-app

Work has been suspended because the flight model of Air War is not clearly defined. Not sure if I can make sense of it such that this can be developed further.

Update March 2020: Abandoned Air War in favor of Air Superiority by J. D. Webster (GDW 1987)