Download Hero of Weehawken vmod file.

You will need your own copy of the rules and player aid card.


There are a few differences in the setup vs the board game:

  • In the Conspirators window, draw three cards face down to the right of the deck. These three cards make up the conspiracy and can stay here until revealed later in the game.
  • Right-click on the remainder of the Conspirators draw pile and select “To Draw Pile” to mix the remaining conspirators into the Draw pile on the map.
  • Right-click on the Draw pile and select "Shuffle."
  • Roll a d6 and move the Prestige Points marker on the Prestige Track accordingly.
  • The twelve Conspirator units are in a draw pile to the right of the Prestige Track. All other markers are already in place to start the game.

Game Play Notes

  • Use the “Current Card” box next to the draw pile to hold each drawn card until it is disposed of (or discarded).
  • Performing a Reshuffle Option requires returning the drawn card to the deck (after paying the required Prestige Points), then right-clicking the draw pile and selecting "Shuffle." The draw deck is not automatically randomized in this module. This is because the "bottom of the deck" is used during play.
  • The Remix button on the toolbar will send all revealed Conspirator markers on the board back to the Conspirators pile (which, unlike the draw deck, is always randomized by VASSAL).
  • See also Balanced Conspiracy Objectives variant.