The Allied goals in Operation Jubilee (as understood for many years after the war) were to (1) get ashore, (2) destroy some objectives, and (3) evacuate. This is akin to Operation Chariot of five months previous, i.e. the raid on the Normandie dry-dock at Saint Nazaire. Historical scholarship in the early 21st century has revealed that the actual urgent reason for the raid was to obtain one of the latest Enigma machines and related codebooks.

Evacuation is integral to commando raids, unlike all the other "D-Day at..." games in which you are trying to get ashore and stay ashore.

German action chits use "A" for the assault movement check, as in the printed game. However, instead of an anti-tank NATO symbol, the letter "K" is used for the armor hit bonus.

German at-start units are organized into Decks (for randomizing) ready for deployment to their starting hexes.

The module incorporates corrections and addenda published 10/19/2010. It also uses the following suggestion by the game designer:

It would be fine to make the backs of all German non-coastal and non-AT units have the same generic unit type. For example, they could all have an infantry symbol on the back and their actual unit type (for historical interest only) on the front. - John Butterfield on Consimworld Operation Jubilee forum, post 116

Designer-approved balance adjustments:

  1. Draw Op Chits on turn 1 until a German Action chit is drawn or three chits are drawn, whichever occurs first.
  2. Once evacuation goes into effect on the main map, no VPs can be earned for objective hexes.

Download Operation Jubilee module: jubilee-rdm.vmod

Commonwealth Unit Codes

2nd Canadian Division

(CT) 14 (Calgary) Tank Regiment

4 Brigade: (RR) Royal Regiment of Canada, (RHL) Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, (ES) Essex Scottish

5 Brigade: (BWC) Black Watch of Canada (Royal Highland Regiment) (3 platoons)

6 Brigade:  (FMR) Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal, (CH) Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, (SS) South Saskatchewan Regiment

British Army

(3C) No 3 Commando, (4C) No 4 Commando, (RMC) Royal Marine Commando