Download SJW2 module.

Download SLB2 module.

Setup vsav files: attached below.


  • Reduce module bloat by removing all charts and tables. It is assumed that players will refer to their paper rules and charts during their VASSAL games. The primary purpose of the module is to serve as a digital version of the maps and counters.
  • Remove unit markers (fatigue, strength, demoralized, supply status) and replace them with game-piece layers. This takes advantage of a core VASSAL capability (layers), reduces module bloat, and allows for simpler automation of the Recovery Phase. Game piece "handling" is less fiddly, since (in the main) the only game pieces on the map are units and leaders. A side benefit is the disappearance of the cartoonish strength markers introduced by MMP.
  • Use only standard toolbar buttons included within VASSAL. Custom buttons add to bloat, use more screen space, and distract from the module's main purpose. They also increase the module learning curve slightly vs boilerplate toolbar buttons.

This is another in my series of modules that replaces unit markers (fatigue, manpower, demoralization) with game-piece layers. See Roads to Gettysburg II for details.

Also, instead of using scans of the published units and leaders, this module uses VASSAL's game-piece layout editor to approximate the look of the original counters, preferred by many players of this series. Leader portraits are not included on the counters. (Why does every Civil War game do that?)

This module only contains SJW2 - not interested in All Green Alike. Play Bull Run instead.

Acknowledgment: This module uses the maps from Rob Doane's module v1.1.5.

SLB Module

Stonewall's Last Battle uses the south map of SJW. So it was relatively easy to turn out a module for this game which apparently is not on MMP's reprint schedule. Because the module uses the improved map of SJW2, I call it SLB2.

There are several fan-made campaigns for the GCACW series:

Stonewall's Last Battle
Rebels in the White House
Sheridan in the Valley
Burnside Takes Command
Long Roads to Antietam
Long Roads to Gettysburg
Long Roads to Richmond

Ed Beach's SLB is a very nice one-map, short campaign that demonstrates what the Union commander was trying to do, and the factors that prevented him from doing it. SLB is the best of the fan-made campaigns.