I'm playing in my first-ever GCACW tournament. It consists of four preliminary rounds (under a Swiss-pairing system) followed by a single-elimination bracket for the top 16 players. There over 30 players enrolled.

Each scenario in GCACW provides for three levels of victory: Decisive, Substantive, and Marginal. But in the tournament, the level of victory is not taken into account - you either win or lose.

I would suggest making each game worth 5 "standings" points:

  • For a Decisive victory, the winner gets all 5 points and the loser none.
  • For a Substantive victory, the winner gets 4 points and the loser gets 1.
  • For a Marginal victory, the winner gets 3 points and the loser gets 2.

Under the default system, it seems that one side would tend to concede a game once it is apparent who will win. Why keep on playing after that?

But a 5-point system would give each side a reason to play out the scenario: to maximize a victory or salvage standings points from a loss. If a player concedes for any reason before the scenario ends under normal play, it would count as a decisive victory for the opponent regardless of actual scenario victory points at the time.

Any game not finished by the last scheduled day of a round would be adjudicated.

Note that this is not intended as an ongoing rating system. In any tournament, all players would start with zero standings points. Initial pairings would still be determined by AREA rating. Total standings points would be used when pairing further rounds, matching up players based on equal or nearly-equal standings points. They would also determine seeding for the single-elimination playoffs.