Wagoneer is not in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary (3rd New International). Alternatives suggested by the search engine at merriam-webster.com include wagoner, jargoneer, and weaponeer (but not teamster).

The word wagoneer was invented 100 years after the ACW by the marketing department at Willys-Jeep as a trademark. It joined other successful trademark names (such as kleenex and ketchup) in colloquial language.

What else is up with this scenario?

  1. Wagon trains have a higher tactical value than a Union cavalry regiment.
  2. Wagon trains have a ZOC which affects Union movement and retreat, but can't contribute toward flanking.
  3. Wagon trains move like cavalry.

CSA General Imboden, in The Retreat from Gettysburg, says the wagon train (when it was underway) was seventeen miles in length. Cavalry and artillery detachments were placed in the van and at one-third mile intevals. Hampton's cavalry brigade was the rear-guard. It departed Cashtown about 4:00 PM July 4, continued moving all night, and arrived near Williamsport late afternoon of July 5. It was harassed by Union cavalry during the march (Imboden mentions only the 1st New York). It was attacked by a mob of civilians at Greencastle.

As to the weather, Imboden says:

Shortly after noon of the 4th the very windows of heaven seemed to have opened. The rain fell in blinding sheets; the meadows were soon overflowed, and fences gave way before the raging streams. .... As the afternoon wore on there was no abatement in the storm.

The wagoneers scenario is alternate history:

  • What if each army had assigned its entire cavalry corps to the pursuit and defense of the wagon train?
  • What if the wagon train split up and took different roads to the Potomac?
  • What if the retreat went unhampered by rain, mud, and swollen creeks?
  • What if the train had taken three-days to complete the trip (instead of 24-hours)?

The Union player gains points by forcing wagon train units to retreat from combat. 2 VP per hex retreated.

Wagon trains are discouraged from extended marching, since for each D or 1 result from extended march the Union player gains points. 3 VP each

For each wagon train that fails to reach Williamsport the Union player gains 10 VP.

The only way the CSA can recover victory points is by causing Union manpower losses in combat. -1 VP each. For this reason, it seems to be a tightrope walk for the CSA. Nevertheless, in the sixteen games played during Round 2 of the 2019 GCACW email tournament the Confederates had 12 wins and 4 losses.