Leipzig was the first of three Napoleonic games by SPI using similar mechanics - the other two being La Grande Armee and 1812 (hex-grid version).

Download module.

The module provides just the map and counters. You need your own source for the rules and charts (geekmail me if you are stumped).

No image scans are used in the module. The map is scratch-built and echoes the SPI printed map. Counters in the module also mimic the originals, but are made as Game-Piece Image Definitions.

There is a hex-grid overlay in the module with hex numbering (even though the original map did not have hex numbers). 

Dispersal (AKA Disruption in La Grande Armee)

Unit dispersal is a game-piece layer with two levels: D1 and D2. There are two levels because it takes two phases to recover. At the end of the movement phase and the combat phase, dispersed phasing units recover one level.

Units which are dispersed may never move, attack, or retreat before combat; they defend normally. Dispersed units can't break down or build up.