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Unit types (blue and red counter sets are identical):

  • MZ Muzzle-loader
  • EB Early breech-loader
  • LB Late breech-loader
  • CY Cavalry
  • MR Mounted rifles
  • MG Machine gun
  • MA Muzzle-loading artillery
  • BA Breech-loading artillery
  • Mh Muzzle-loading horse artillery
  • Bh Breech-loading horse artillery

Rifle and Saber is a sand-box system that aims to depict late-19th century combat that ushered in rifled muskets and artillery.

There are 17 scenarios ranging from 1857 (Indian Rebellion) through 1900 (Boer War). Each scenario portrays part of a large battle. For example, the two Gettysburg scenarios cover Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge.