Link to 5th Fleet PC site (screenshots, scenario summaries, tech tips, music files.)

5th Fleet (PC) was the next evolutionary step in the Fleet Series of five board games published by Victory Games. It essentially IS the board game played on computer, with advanced rules such as hidden movement, and fuel/ordnance supply fully integrated without the need for record keeping on the part of the player.

It uses the same sequence of play as 3rd Fleet — the six phases of the turn (Air, Surface, and Sub for each player) are randomly determined.

There are a few minor glitches with respect to automatic convoy point tallies (as I recall), but despite these (and its age) the game is still playable under DOSBOX with decent graphics that are better than most DOS games of that time.

If the program code could be located (reverse engineered?) it would be interesting to see it upgraded and patched, with new scenarios from the other Fleet games, including the so-called "Japanese" Fleet Series!