Download the module.

Separate components needed to use the module, which I will be glad to send to any interested person:

  • Roster sheet: To keep track of skirmish detachments and artillery ammo use. Also lists each unit's starting Troop Strength, Effectiveness Rating, and Firepower Rating.
  • Shock Combat Table and Fire Combat Table: Adapted from the printed map.
  • Movement Point Summary: Since MP's are not displayed on the module game-pieces as they are in the printed game.

The module uses a scan of the hex-grid area of the SPI map sheet, not including tables and tracks.

Game-pieces are made from scratch as VASSAL game-piece images.

Formed: column, line, square.
Un-formed: disordered, routed.

Numbers are troop strength, firepower rating, and effectiveness rating.

There is an extended line marker for each nationality, having an arrow at the "front" and a "dot" to indicate the direction of the parent unit.


Formed: limbered or unlimbered
Un-formed: only disordered (never routed).

Top row: gun strength, firepower rating (ordnance)
Bottom row: troop strength, effectiveness rating (crew)

Formed as cavalry
Un-formed as disordered or routed.
Numbers are troop strength and effectiveness rating.

Facing and Unit ID

Formed units have directional facing as determined by rotation of the game piece. Unformed units have all-around facing, regardless of the game piece rotation.

Leaders and Skirmishers have all-around facing. The module allows these units to change facing for aesthetics, but there is no effect in game terms.

Unit identification is displayed under each game-piece in the mouse-over stack viewer.