Link to module.
Campaign setup file attached below.

Modifications from the Edwards module:

- increased contrast in map file.

- used smaller text on game-pieces (to prevent edge bleed-over).

- color-coded units to better show command structure

- added hex ID to mouse-over stack viewer.

- removed charts to save file size (as in all my modules, I figure that players have paper copies of these anyway, so not needed in the module).

- added two "loss-tracking" boards to track demoralization and reorganization eligibility.

- fixed OOB errors (using the roster printed in the rules).

- removed extraneous commands from units, such as cloning and piece rotation, which is not really needed in this game since facing is irrelevant.

- change game-piece palette to scrollable lists, added missing units (from folio listings), and ordered armies by command.

- removed existing pre-defined setups due to all the game-piece changes that were made.

- removed hidden palettes for folio game units.

- added OOC flag to units.

- removed unused content from the vmod archive.

- created new vsav file for on-map campaign setup.