Download the module.

Game setup (vsav) files and map tables (pdf) are attached below.


The map is adapted from the Cyberboard module by Paul Loong (available on

Like many of my modules the lack of hex numbering is not an issue, since they are displayed in the mouse-over text.

Speaking of hex numbers, note that the printed game uses a separate numbering for each of the two maps (east and west) where west map hexes have a W prefix.

In the module the two maps have been combined into one image with hex numbers consistent with the printed east map. For hexes on the west half you need to add 28 to west map hex references in the rules. For example, W2110 in the printed game become 2138 in the module (dropping the W).

The two mini-games limit play to one map:

  • East map only = hexes xx28 and under.
  • West map only = hexes xx28 and up.


Game-pieces are scratch built in VASSAL's image definitions. In the published game, units have historical designations that have no relevance in play. Since they are all just generic strength tokens, minimal graphic layout is all that's needed.

The game-piece palette holds only the game markers (such as supply depots). Combat and HQ units have a limited number of each type and nationality in the game, so they are assembled in a Force Pool window.

Motorized units have their movement allowance highlighted in pink; semi-motorized units have a gray highlight.

The right-click menu on HQ's and combat units has extensive "Send to" options to minimize having to drag and drop units long distances on the screen.

Charts and Tables

There are no charts and tables included in the module because it is assumed the player owns the game and will be referring to the printed tables from the rules insert.

Supplemental to the Charts and Tables insert, the tables from the map have been compiled into a PDF file, attached below.

  • German: Reinforcements and Supply.
  • Allied: Supply, Amphibious Assault Reference, and Parachute Drop.