Where Air Cav (the published game) presents a challenge is in getting a handle on the various types of arms and armament. Every unit carries a number of weapons, each of which can be fired at almost any time there is an enemy unit within range. Players need to pay attention to the scenario date and ensure that weapons being used are appropriate to the year.

The game could use further development for ease of play. Instead of unit data tables, there could be a deck of unit data cards showing the armament of each unit type for a given time frame.

The sequence of play is unique: once a player gets the initiative, he can keep moving and firing until he decides to stop, or one of his units is destroyed. This makes opportunity fire and operations point management the key factors in the battle.


Download the module.

The module available here started with one created by Air Cav fan Jamie Shanks (JS) (2015 limeyyank.co.uk). The JS module had scanned map images (used with permission of T. Merridy) and scratch-built game pieces using AFV icons scanned from the published rules. My module would not have been possible without the JS module, because many of its images are re-used here.

List of changes

> Removed charts and tables from the module to reduce file size. Players need to refer to printed rules and charts.

> Removed scenario predefined setups in favor of separate vsav files (attached below).

> Added splash image.


  • Removed hex numbering from map images.
  • Scaled down middle east map (at 84%) to make hex size similar to Europe map. They are different on the published maps, too.
  • Added mouse-over hex number display.
  • Added more zoom levels.
  • Added map overview toolbar button.


  • Added stacking values (½, 2, and 3) on infantry teams, helicopters, and heavy helicopters. All other units have a stacking value of 1 (not shown on the game piece).
  • Added unit type label consistent with printed counters.
  • Added CFV unit type mentioned in the scenario setups. Functionally the same as an APC but may be used to easily distinguish Bradley's from other APC's.
  • Replaced suppression marker with game-piece layer.
  • Removed unit rotation capability (other than defilade markers).

Top row (blue):

  • Heavy helicopter (stacking value 3).
  • Infantry with all-round defilade (note hex number in mouse-over stack viewer).
  • APC with rotatable defilade.

Bottom row (red):

  • MBT
  • Infantry with white stripe indicating suppression.
  • Guided missile fire team (stacking value ½).


  • Replaced all unit markers with game-piece layers; easier to manipulate in VASSAL as layers instead of separate pieces.

Left to right: moved, fired, ops remaining, suppressed, all four.
Far right: helicopter at low level.

To Do

The module is playable as is but does not contain:
> Scenario setup vsav files.
> Campaign games displays and force assignment counters.