Download the module.

The map is just a solid dark blue image file with a rectangular grid component laid on top. The compass rose is an open source image. The only graphics from the printed SPI game are the ship icons on the game pieces (showing 1, 2, or 3 masts).

Player sides (Blue, Green, Red) are defined solely for the purpose of each player being able to mask his command chits.

Constitution vs Guerriere

Ship icons, names, and stats reflect the SPI game counters. Each ship's remaining movement points is shown in a white box at the starboard bow.

Command chits are separate game pieces that can be masked by the owning player in the Command Decision Stage of the game-turn. A, P, S, W, T = ahead, port, starboard, wear, tack.

Grid locations of the map are shown as mouse-over text.


Are the command chits really necessary? Why not just use the weather gauge rule and allow each active ship to perform any command desired at that moment?

Be sure to move incrementally (per rule 7.22). When you have the opportunity to move, select one ship, move it one square (or tack in place), and adjust the ship's MP remaining. Then the weather gauge player selects the next player to act.

It seems this game was something of a pilot project. As a magazine game coming late in SPI's run of S&T, there are no play aids. Thankfully there are some helpful charts and tables offered on BGG's file section.