CSL games are what might be called "deluxe print-and-play." With standard print-and-play you buy a PDF and make your own components. With CSL you pay about twice as much and tell them whether you want your game in a zip-bag or a box. To be fair, they do have their rules and VASSAL modules available online, so you can still make your own.

1812: Scorched Earth has some interesting design twists, such as cities and fortresses as hexside terrain rather than in-hex features. It's a corps level game on the campaign from June to December 1812. Each month has two game-turns.

1812: Scorched Earth

The VASSAL module available on the CSL website is rudimentary, and slavishly strives to duplicate the paper and cardboard game mechanics.

The module available here makes several changes.
Download the module.

  • No hex numbers. The map looks much better and the hex numbers appear in the mouse-over stack viewer. At-start stacks make these numbers unnecessary for game setup.
  • Game-piece images instead of counter scans. Historical designations that are not essential to game-play have been relegated to the mouse-over stack viewer.
  • Unit strength and status markers have been replaced with game-piece layers.
  • HQ Command Point markers have been replaced with a game-piece layer. The only markers on the General Records Track are VPs and French LPs.
  • Added an area on the main map for Eliminated Units.
  • There are no charts. Buy the game and refer to the printed charts as you play.
  • Added a splash image, i.e. the famous Minard graph showing the size of Napoleon's army over time and space in 1812. It is sometimes called the greatest info-graphic ever made.