The number of daylight hours on the summer solstice in Maryland and Virginia is just under 15. On the winter solstice there are only 9.5 hours of daylight. This variant adjusts the movement point allowance based on the month of the year and fatigue level at the moment the die is rolled for MP.

     F0  F1
Jan  -1  -1
Feb   0  -1
Mar   0   0

Apr  +1   0
May  +1  +1
Jun  +2  +1

Jul  +1  +1
Aug  +1   0
Sep   0   0

Oct   0  -1
Nov  -1  -1
Dec  -1  -2

In step 1 of a March action, use the fatigue level of the marching unit.

In step 3 of an Activate Leader action, use the highest fatigue level among all units designated for a march.

Seasonal modifiers:

  • only apply to units starting a march at F0 or F1.
  • can reduce the MP allowance to zero.
  • do not apply to force march rolls, since that is more a factor of march rate than time.