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The module adapts the paper boardgame to the VASSAL environment. Instead of just one map (as in the published game), each player has his own private mini-map and task force board, like the old Avalon Hill game MIDWAY. Most of the action occurs on each player's mini-map. The main map is used for game pieces that are known to each player. It could also be used to lay out the participating units in combat.

Hidden movement and task force composition requires that the players trust each other not to cheat on their private maps. US intelligence obviates Japanese hidden movement quite a bit. For this reason, solitaire play is a reasonable method to learn the complex sequence of play. But the game very likely needs two players to appreciate its full effect.

The game pieces in the module mimic those of the paper game. The color scheme is also the same. I've kept the map style, but adapted it for on-screen legibility, and detached the Turn Record and Reinforcement Track to a separate map window.


June 2020 - changes to the module as suggested by a user:

  • Added "Clone" and "Delete" commands to Slot Run and Anti Slot game-pieces.
  • Added VP-tally game-pieces to Turn Track.
  • Added Rabaul base limits counter to main map.
  • Each player's Guadalcanal infantry and supply units are now allowed to be moved, so they can placed on either the Main Map or the Private Map. The supply icons next to the Rabaul and Epiritu Santo tracks serve only to indicate that these are supply sources for each side.
  • Added a "Mask" command to all ships and task forces. The TF mask hides the mission but keeps the TF ID visible.
  • Added a Transfer (TR) mission to aircraft counters.
  • Added a "Cargo" command to all Japanese DD units to indicate "U" for unit and "S" for supply (needed for emergency slot runs).

July 2020: Added a game-piece layer to Japanese submarines to keep track of status: four turns "at sea" and two turn "in refit."