> Reaction movement by mobile units (within a zone of influence).
> Battle plans matrix to provide some variety to the repetitive battles of the Russian front.


Download the vmod for DAMOS: Army Group North

The module presents just the map and counters. There are no charts and tables.

Fresh and Spent

In keeping with the boardgame mechanic of rotating units that are Spent, the module uses the can-rotate property to mimic this function. To speed up the Reset phase, there is a Global Key Command to reset all spent Axis units and another to reset all spent Russian units.

F1 = rotate a Fresh unit to Spent
F2 = rotate a Spent Axis unit to Fresh
F3 = rotate a Spent Russian unit to Fresh


The module uses the boardgame mechanic of flipping a unit over to indicate Demoralization, except the right-click menu on each game-piece calls this command "Flip" instead of "Demoralize."

Ctrl-F = toggle Demoralization

Strength Points

The module gives every unit a "strength" Dynamic Property that is displayed under each game-piece but only in the Mouse-over Stack Viewer. The game-piece itself always displays a unit's full strength.

Ctrl-downarrow = SP loss
Ctrl-uparrow = SP gain

This provides a low-level fog-of-war as long as the player(s) can resist hovering over enemy units until the SP reveal step of the combat procedure.

Setup Note

Exclusive rule 6.0 states that two German units set up in Finland. But this is incorrect. In answer to my question on conismworld, Ray Weiss, the designer stated that the German units sent to Finland are already embedded in the Finnish order of battle.


I bought the DAMOS: Barbarossa PDF bundle last week when it was the Deal of the Day on wargamevault.com. I was glad to find that it included the gorgeous theater map by Ilya Kudriashov. For this reason alone I may be motivated to make modules for AGC and AGS, too.