• 1950: The Forgotten War
  • 1987: On to Kaliningrad
  • 1968: Tet Offensive
  • 1995: Milosevic's Last Gamble

These all seem interesting to me, so I decided to make a VASSAL module for the first game of the series and give it a try. Here's my vmod for 1950.

Download the 1950 module.

The module uses a trimmed version of the map, since most of the tracks and boxes on the paper map are not used in this module. The units are Game-Piece images that mimic the printed ones.

There are no charts or tables in the module. Please buy the game from the publisher or the PDF on wargamevault.

Note the following procedural differences in the module vs. the rules as written.

Static and Fresh

Instead of flipping units over to indicate that they are Static, the module simply rotates them 90 degrees (as in CSL's DAMOS: Barbarossa series).

F1 = rotate from Fresh to Static.
F2 = rotate from Static to Fresh.

There is a Global Key Command (GKC) to refresh all static units at the end of each action phase.

Strength Chits

The module does not use separate game pieces for unit strengths (which can vary each turn). Instead, each piece has a right-click command to set the strength to a random value that is within the correct range for each Class of unit (A, B, C, D).

Ctrl-W = Set strengh to random value from class range.

Strengths are displayed under each unit in the Mouse-over Stack Viewer. There is a GKC to remove all unit strengths at the end of each turn.

Air Missions

There are no mission boxes as in the printed game. Instead, each air unit is assigned a mission via the right-click menu. These are displayed under each unit in the Mouse-over stack viewer.

Ctrl-V = set Mission

"G" units can do Ground Support (GS) or Strategic Bombing (SB)
"F" units can do Patrol (PL), Escort (ES), or Interdiction (IN)

Air units DO have a flip side that is used to take a combat reduction prior to being routed.

CTRL-F = toggle reduced/full

Routed Units

Ctrl-X = send to the Routed Units area - at the east side of the map


The strength chit mechanic used here is akin to the one used in SPI's Victory in the West series. It provides a second random element in combat (along with the die rolls for each battle), but lasts until the end of the current turn. Once you determine how good a particular unit is going to be in the first half of the month, you have that certainty in combat during the second half.