Soldiers (published 1972) by David Isby shows how deadly this early war period was on massed troop formations. Scale is 100 meters per hex and 10 minutes per turn.

Concepts used to good effect include;

  • a unit's defense strength is based solely on the terrain it occupies (although there are also unit quality effects in the game.)
  • it is possible to lay down interdicting fire to create killing zones where enemy units are poised to enter.
  • finding an improved position is not automatic, and once you enter an improved position, your units may be reluctant to leave it!

A polished design that still holds up.

Download the Soldiers vmod file.

This module has been in the oven for a while. Really just waiting for another playthrough and a blog write-up. It gets its map from a Cyberboard gamebox found on Limey Yank Games. Combat units and markers have been built as VASSAL game-piece images.

There is a line-of-sight tool as well as a game-turn counter.

The only chart included is for Improved Positions. If you need other rules and charts, contact me. The combat results table is in the form of an expandable game-piece token. With the right-click menu you can alternate between the full CRT and the token (so the CRT will not continually take up room on the screen)

The right-click menu on the combat units is self-explanatory except for the case of cavalry units when dismounting and mounting:

Alt-M = dismount. The corresponding game-piece for dismounted cavalry is placed in the hex through VASSAL's "Add Marker" method. The original game-piece (now labeled "DISMNT") apparently represents the horses, waiting for the dismounted soldiers to return from their foot soldiering.

Alt-H = mount. When remounting, simply delete the "dismounted" game-piece and Alt-H the "horses."