The Ship Manifest is simply a set of two tables listing all ships in the game grouped by stats, each set of ships having its own speed, gunnery factors, damage levels, and torpedo salvos. There is one table for each side: USN and IJN.

A problem with TE is that ship stats are divided between the log sheet (for damage and torpedo salvos) and the counters (for gunnery and maximum speed factors). The Ship Manifest collates all the stats in a single point of reference.

Another problem with TE is that the ship log roster lists all the ships possible in the game. But you only need a handful of ships for any given scenario. This makes looking up ships on the rosters a little slower due to extraneous information and having to handle two separate log sheets.

The Log Box Sheet provides a compact notation method for ship stats and damage of only the ships in play. There is room for 23 ships on each Log Box Sheet. As each ship is drawn for a scenario, the corresponding values from the Ship Manifest are hand-written into a Log Box.

Top row = ship type and name (such as CA Chokai). Also note "flag" if this is a flagship; radar if any.

▲ = bow primary battery value
2° = secondary battery value
▼ = stern primary battery value
S = maximum speed

D1 = damage level 1
D2 = damage level 2
D3 = damage level 3
X = damage to sink

Bottom row (P, C, S) = port, center, starboard torpedo salvos

The blank area on the right side of the Log Box is for damage notation (hashmarks are suggested).

Log Box examples.

CA Salt Lake City has taken 7 hits, which is one hit short of sinking; its maximum speed is reduced to 2 by rule.

CL Boise (with a circled "R" for radar-equipped) has taken 6 hits, bringing it do Damage Level 2; its maximum speed is reduced by 2 (to 4).

Neither Boise nor SLC have any torpedo salvos, so P, C, and S spaces are blank.

DD Kawakaze is undamaged. It originally had two center-mount torpedo salvos and two reloads: 4 4 (4 4). It has fired two salvos (crossed off) with two reloads remaining.

Ship Manifest and Log Box Sheet are attached below.