Dealing with lots of cards is standard in most tabletop sports games. It has been a sticking point with me - handling the cards during game play and storing them between games.

My VASSAL mods for plaay games aim to make card handling easier and storage a non-issue. You can see my History Maker Baseball module here, with an extension holding all the player cards for one season.

RWBR doesn't have a large number of cards compared to baseball or hockey (only 50 to 60 drivers be season), but the cards do get moved around all the time during game play.

Download the RWBR module.

Here's a screen shot of the final standings in the Burger Hut 400 (part of the 2020 SCRAM season).

Please note that the module downloadable from Consim Comment includes only the 2014 World Stock Car season from the "free stuff" section of the website. I've also scanned the cards for the 2020 SCRAM season and the 2000s Stars, but they are not included in the download out of respect for copyright.

The module includes die rollers in the combinations needed for the game.

If you're interested in seeing my 2020 SCRAM standings, I wrote a PHP script to compile the race finishes and "lap" leaders. From what I've read on SCRAM history, there are no surprises as to this year's dominant drivers.