Download this VASSAL module.

The module includes dice rollers for use with Second Season Football (, but the gridiron and symbols could be used to record any game.

The names of the competing teams are shown in the top left and top right of the grid. There is a right-click command [Ctrl-W] to change text

  • The team named at the upper left is designated the "red" team. It is defending the left end zone and always drives left to right.
  • The team named at the upper right is designated the "green" team. It is defending the right end zone and always drives right to left.
  • Teams do not switch directions during the game.

Game play is recorded with square and circular symbols placed on the grid, with yardage indicator lines placed between symbols when there is an advance downfield.

A circle represents an offensive line of scrimmage. The number shown on the symbol is the down number.

  • White for an official spot (such as a touchback).
  • Red or green for a play from scrimmage.
  • Black for an incomplete pass.
  • Cyan for a QB sack.
  • Yellow for a penalty.

A square represents a special teams play or turnover.

Lines on the map represent yardage gained and the type of play.

  • Solid = rushing
  • Stripe = passing
  • Light solid = return

As long as a team is advancing the ball, the symbols and yardage gains stay on the same horizontal line. After placing a new down marker for a run, pass, or return a yardage gained line is placed behind it. Note that defensive penalties and touchbacks do not use yardage lines.

Drop down one line on the grid if there is no advance of the scrimmage line (lost yardage, sack, offensive penalty).

This method of recording play-by-play is adapted from an old board game called Pro Quarterback (Tod Lansing, 1965). It used red and green china markers on a plastic coated grid playing field. You had to erase everything between games, so there was no way to preserve a game for later review. However, you could accomplish the same thing with regular graph paper and colored pencils.

Note that individual player statistics (if you need them) have to recorded on a separate scoresheet, along with the game clock. The gridiron graph is used to show the flow of a game as the field position changes.