Download Battle for Germany vmod.

The original B4G was intentionally a bare-bones design. The designer's notes accurately predicted that wargamers would likely add rules and variants:

The basic system itself has been kept clean enough so that those Players who like to "redesign" games will have a simple, clean, basic system to add whatever "goodies" they wish (i.e., supply rules, strategic air, etc.).

Which is what Decision Games has been doing ever since. The Gamers/MMP got in on the act, too, porting the situation to their Standard Combat Series in The Mighty Endeavor (expanded edition).

But the original is still worth playing, too, in which players focus solely on the tactics of attacking on one front while defending the other.

The module available here makes minimal changes to the original map and counters.

  • Unit set-up references have been removed from the map.
  • Yugoslavian units have been given a different color because they are non-replaceable.
  • A Game-Turn marker has been added.

Each player will need a printed copy of the rules, CRT, and Terrain Effects Chart.