Download Arnhem vmod file.

This module uses a cleaned-up scan of the original map from SPI Westwall quad. Unit images in the module are scratch-built VASSAL game-pieces. You will need your own copy of the rules and CRT.

The units are setup for the historical scenario. Airborne reinforcements are on the Turn Track, others are positioned around the perimeter of the hex grid.

The system used in the Westwall quad is also found in Island War, North Africa, Modern Battles I, and Modern Battles II. It is extremely simple by today's standards, and only one step up in complexity from the very basic quad system of Blue & Gray, Napoleon at War, and Thirty Years War. The main addition is long-ranged artillery. We still have rigid ZOC's with mandatory attacking; no stacking; and a CRT that causes elimination mainly by cutting off enemy retreats with ZOC's. 

These early SPI quads aim for a chess-like gaming experience with sufficient historical overlay to convey a sense of plausibility.