Download Barbarossa vmod file.

In the published game, the map sheet includes all of the supporting charts and tables, as well as the setup instructions and victory conditions. So the vassal module includes everything that was on the printed map, separated into the proper vassal components.

The map in the module is a cleaned up scan of the playable hex area. Hex numbering has been added in the mouse-over stack viewer.

The combat table, terrain effects, and scenario setup charts are provided via toolbar button. Reinforcement schedules are provided as separate map windows.

Game pieces are generic, by combat factor. Like many SPI games of the era, historical designations were printed on the units but they have no bearing on play. So generic game-pieces are quite adequate for game play.

The game has four scenarios, for those who don't have time for the full campaign.

  • Barbarossa. June 1941 - January 1942
  • Stalingrad: July 1942 - February 1943
  • Zitadelle: July 1943 - March 1944
  • Berlin: June 1944 - November 1944