Avalon Hill acquired several titles from Kevin Zucker' Operational Studies Group (OSG) in the early 1980's. Hundred Days Battles and Battle for Italy were offered as introductory games for the system used in the much larger Struggle of Nations.

Download the vassal module.

Even though the printed game has the organization displays printed right next to the map, command rule 4.1 suggests that these should be hidden so that "the actual size of a force is concealed from the opposing player." Yet the rules do not explicitly state that the organization displays should be covered or screened from view.

But the module offered here provides a private window for each side's organization display. This entails a level of trust between the players, much like the private search boards in naval games such as Midway, Solomon's Campaign, or Flight of the Goeben.

The module map is based on the printed game, but has been cleaned of hex numbering.

The units are game-piece images in keeping with the look of the printed counters. Leaders have a game-piece layer for disorganization, and combat units (on the organization displays) have a layer to show that they are ineffective.