The initial battles of the historical campaign were fought just off the north edge of the map. The battles of Calliano and Bassano began on November 6, pushing the French back to their at-start hexes by November 10.

As indicated on the Charts and Tables card, each game-turn represents two days, with the first turn being November 10-11. Can you repeat the French sucess and defeat the Austians by the end of turn three?

Map scale looks to be about 2.5 miles per hex. i.e. Verona to Caldiero = 4 hexes = 17 km = 10.5 miles.

Austrian General Provera is over his command span with the published setup. Avalon Hill's official answer to this is to move Brigido or Lipthay to the track of General Quosdanovich.

Battle for Italy is a companion game to Hundred Days Battles, offering a small scenario as a way to sample the game system of the much larger Struggle of Nations. or Victory Games 1809 (all part of Kevin Zucker's Campaigns of Napoleon system). Of course, the Consim Comment vassal modules of these two games are quite similar.

Download Battle for Italy vmod file.